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About UrbanMeritage

UrbanMeritage has been active on Newbury Street since 2006. Their past success includes assembling and creating The Newbury Line, acquired by Jamestown Properties in 2011 for a record $226,500,000. UrbanMeritage has developed its retail approach to promote growth-oriented retail. Today, they add a dedicated offering for tenants seeking to take advantage of the interactive retail landscape the high street offers.

May 2017 UrbanMeritage launched Avantage Newbury, a selection of engaging retail locations for engaging brands on Newbury Street, Boston’s retail destination.


Avantage Newbury, a compilation of Newbury Street locations, is created to provide engaging brands with the engaging retail needed to meet customers where they shop today. For brands moving as fast as the market, Avantage Newbury offers activated retail placement on a vibrant street. The Boston economy is one of the fastest growing and strongest economies in the country. New investment in business, education, infrastructure, and real estate make the city a strong choice for retailers seeking to grow a dedicated customer base. Newbury Street, Boston’s fashion hub, and located in Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood, is the retail heart of this booming economy. 

UrbanMeritage has applied its experience and vision to the Avantage Newbury portfolio of properties. The portfolio offers Newbury Street retailers an advantage by placing the right retailer in the right space, nurturing the customer population, and being an advocate for street retail in Boston.


 “We are excited to introduce a new brand to Newbury Street,” Mike Jammen, co-founder of UrbanMeritage, said. “We believe in and have invested with brands in the future of street retail in Boston. If brands seek to connect with customers, where they are, and how they are, the street retail on Newbury Street has no comparison.”

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